A Good Week for a World-Wide Maker . . .

A man from Australia checked in to share the progress on his model railroad that was inspired by my Dawson Station. He is using my backdrop photos, but has taken it a step further by using Google Earth footage of the mill to help plan the layout.

My "Message in a Chip" Instructable has had more than six thousand viewers in about two weeks. I've helped someone from Finland interface with the chips and sent a couple of them to a school teacher in Canada who wants to use them for a Mother's Day project for his students.

A lady (from Netherlands, presumably), contacted me about the magnification program I wrote for my niece. After trying it, she responded, "this truly is brilliant, really, to me you are a genius! You solved the problem i had been struggling with for the past 15 years." You can see how talented she is in this video:

And finally back on the home front, I made some progress on a soft-circuit prototype that I think will cut the cost of my workshops in half!

It was a very good week . . .

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