ChickTech HS OSU brought one hundred highschool girls from around the area to OSU to introduce them to science and technology topics.

I was on a crack team of six who developed a "soft-circuit" project to teach the girls some electronics in a fashionable manner.

The girls were split in to groups of twenty five and rotated through four different session of an hour and half each.

For soft-circuit, the first order of business was soldering a chip to a circuit board so it could be sewed to the fabric.

After the soldering was complete, next step was to figure out a design and how to incorporate a circuit.

Our hope was for the girls to have at least the circuit working before they left so they could finish the project at home. I think that the project was a little too much for the time available, but I think the girls had fun and I saw some very creative creations. I hope they bring this project back next year!

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