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Take a look around and you’ll see how easy and fun this is going to be:

Start by pulling Blocks over the the Scripting Area to create the following program. You will find the purple Blocks under the Category.
What happens when you click ?  How long will it go?
What happens if you click the ?
If you have LEDs hooked up, try the following:
What happens if you add a  block after the block and a  after the  block?

You are ready to begin exploring. The other LEDs are hooked to Pin 12 and Pin 13.

  • Can you make the LEDs operate just like a stop light?
  • Could you add a sound each time the yellow LED lights?
  • Could you add a button to start and stop the cycle?

Here is another quick program to try here or at home:
(from http://pihw.wordpress.com/lessons/rgb-led-lesson-2-scratch-gpio-getting-started/)
What happens if you change the number of degrees or size of the steps?

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