Pandemic Sports

With the COVID-19 lock down in place, there was a large gap in sports and activities.  Enter Die Cast Racing!  I'm not sure how I stumbled on this, but I'm hooked.  Here is a prime example:

There is action, humor, and compelling story lines.  Fun for both grandpa and grand kids!

Best of all, this is a sport anyone can participate in.  Even during a pandemic.  Without breaking the bank!  There are mail-in races around the country you can send cars into.  They each have their own categories and limits.  Diecast64 has a monthly race where there are categories for everything from straight out of the package, to highly modified and weighted cars.

For the June races, I send in 9 cars, one of which had custom flashing lights that started when the race started.  None of my cars placed in the top ten, showing you how competitive it was.  I still had a lot of fun preparing the cars and watching them race.  Here are the two entries I made for the apocalyptic "Gaslands" game category:

The El Camino on the right made it to the second round and won a rough-n-tumble race, but missed out on the finals. I am already preparing cars for the next race. I have been working on an electronic timer to help gauge performance.  I will also have grand kids helping with the selection and testing of the candidates!

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